Friday, 4 April 2014

Bark Cloth Shoes

Remember earlier this year I embellished some bark cloth? (To read about the steps and process, scroll down to the other posts at that link.
It was for a project Bobby Britnell is doing to raise money for her charity Hands Up For Uganda.

This is what my cloth looked like when I sent it.

I was able to get 2 sets from the one piece of bark cloth. The extra little bits were because they said they might do something like a scrap book with reminders of the project.

Well, I got a chance to see the results today!

The lighter set

the darker set.

and just one of the walls with shoes made from cloth people had embellished.

a bit more about the should be able to enlarge the photo if you click it. Hopefully you can read some of it. I didn't resize the photo like I usually do.

This was their last exhibition of the the Creative Stitches show at the ExCel in London. They are trying to work out the plan for auctioning them now to raise funds for the project.

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