Thursday, 24 January 2013

winter skirt

Because the weather has been cold, I felt the need of something just a bit more warm for church. I remembered a very thick corduroy skirt in my refashion box. I can't remember if it was a charity shop find or not, but I have had it ages. I had already cut off the waistband - which was way too tight. and discovered then, that it was way too big. Don't ask me how they got the big skirt on the small waistband. But anyway. I had already stolen the zipper one time when I didn't have the right one for a different project.
So here is the start photo.

I was just going to work with it as it was, but I didn't fancy trying on/trying off because of said cold weather. So, I cut it out using my a-line skirt pattern. Pretty much following the lines of the skirt already.
I thought I might need a little extra to the waist section of the pattern. And after I sewed it up, this worked pretty much, but I found I still had to take in darts front and back. I used the existing hem for the hem.

I used a strip of brown linen that was laying around to make a faced waist. Basically you sew it on right sides together and turn it to the inside.
I just thought it would be a lot less bulky than trying to make a waistband with scraps of the thick corduroy fabric of the skirt. I usually use petersham in waistbands like this because I like the security of the firmness. It keeps them from twirling round on my waist.

Here is the final result. It fits me really well and is warm. I decided not to try for a photo of me wearing it. - something about the fact that I am already wearing longjohns under my trousers!

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Margaret Cooter said...

Longjohns are apparently the latest fashion trend - visible longjohns - yikes!