Friday, 18 January 2013

Still Life: Moving On

Sometime back there was a call for work for an exhibition with the theme Still Life. I had the idea to do something of a social statement about 'disabled' or 'differently abled' people arranged as the focus. I wanted to call it Still in They still have a life or This is still Life!
However, as a lot of things in the past few years, I had more ideas than time.

So, when the SAQA Metaphors on Aging call for entry came up, I decided this was the time for those ideas to come together.

So, for this piece I took some of the international symbols used on signs for disabled or elderly. Here they are walking across a zebra crossing.
Still Life: Moving On

I thought the stripes in the background made it feel like the rest of life is whizzing by. But also in my mind I thought the parade of people crossing the road alludes (faintly!) to the famous photo of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road.

I haven't done the edge yet. I think I am going to use my satin stitch method using a blind hem foot. But I just need to try a plain black or a variagated black and white thread on one of the trimmed pieces to see which would look best. and now seeing it as a photo on here, I am wondering if it wants a border of sorts. Thin black?

I have another one I am developing - still trying to get the positioning right. Just need to think about the quilting for this. I have a small idea of quilting flowers and call it Still Life with Flowers. But I think that would be too contrived!

Anyway, I'd love your comments on either of these. I am linking to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday.
All the silhouettes have been cut from screen printed fabric - the same I used for the cows a few months ago.


Karen S Musgrave said...

Sandy, I love these! Hope you get in!

Judy Ferguson said...

Very effective use of fabric. Good idea.

Margaret Cooter said...

Thin black border is a bit like the border on an envelope announcing death - is that what you want to reference???

Good idea, the "there is still Life" subject!

Mary Stori said...

I'm especially drawn to art that says a LOT in few nailed it!!

Nina Marie said...

you know I'm thinking that there is pattern theme going on OTWFri this week - so many great uses of pattern - love the use of it in the first - it really draws the viewer's eye! great!