Monday, 7 January 2013

refashioned strange trousers or girls skirt no.6

I had these weird trousers in my stash - picked up because I liked the fabric. They were even torn. I decided they would make a good skirt for a young lady. (I am making skirts/shorts for children over 10 in the orphan village where my friend works in Ethiopia.)

Trim the crutch point after cutting up the inside leg.

Chop off the bottom of the legs.

This left triangular sections needing filled in at the Centre Front and Centre Back. So I cobbled together some bits from the chopped off legs and sewed them into place. The patterning means it isn't obvious.

Stitched up the front and back seam. inside view... it even has pockets.

Then hemmed and put in an elastic waist.

Definitely a rescue!


Marissa said...

Wow! How amazing! I am so inspired need to pull out the old sewing machine! :)

Sandy said...

Hi Marissa,
Thanks for the commenting! Nice to know someone is looking. :)
With some of this refashion stuff, it is just a matter of intuition. You have this shape and you want it to be that shape so you subtract and add til you have it!
You should have a look at the Refashion Co-op in my sidebar. There are loads of refashions there from simple to complex.
Take care,