Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pages tissue papered red

Next step in my sketchbook was to put the red tissue in the pages. I decided to stick it in with acrylic gloss.

OK... glue would have been easier. But maybe it still would have done this?
slightly curly!

But when everything was dry, a bit of ironing between baking parchment gave this...

Not too shabby.
So, let's press the cover, too.
Front -

and the back?

Word to the wise. Do not press your barcode with a hot iron. Even if it is in between baking parchment! For some reason it went black!

Frantic attempts to contact organisers has occurred. They may need to replace it when it gets there. The post by date is 15 Jan. No time to send a barcode over here before that.

Apart from that, I am really loving the glossy pages. I think the facing pages may get a stencilled letter. Have to do a trial after I have trimmed things up a bit.

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Diana said...

Hi Sandy
The paper that the Bar Code was printed on is Thermal Paper <> - I wouldn't have expected the UPC tag to be that either. Thank you for your experience - now we know.