Saturday, 12 January 2013

Something on Saturday

One of the prompts in the Noah Scalin book said something about doing something with a collection. I am not following them specifically, just using them sometimes to connect with something I am doing that day.

However, I thought it was a good chance to sort my needle collection(s)!
I didn't take a before photo, but they were all a bit mixed up on the tree and apple. So, it took me ages to find just the one I wanted.
The felted ball was sitting there when I wondered how to sort them a bit better.

Not really a collection, but now one 'needle cushion' has thin needles for beading or sewing fine fabrics. One has normalish sized needles. and the felted ball has bigger ones.
And a few that I am keeping on the scraps so I can grab them to add to projects I take with me somewhere.

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Celia said...

I have 2 large pincushions in my sewing basket, one for tapestry needles and one for all the others. Then there is a wrist one by the sewing machine, for when I need to add a stitch or two, plus another large one full of pins. Plus the needlebook in my 'going to college' box, and a tin with bookbinding needles in it.

I think that's all!