Sunday, 6 January 2013

Daily Beads - 1 through 5

Or 'And the Bead Goes On...'

Some weeks ago I started exploring the idea of doing a daily project. This was prompted by the 365 Creative Dresses blog. But I have also been following several others who are doing something each day through the year.

When I started the exploration, I got a bit bogged down with trying to have a go...but it was at a very busy time of the year, and I didn't get much further than the initial week of beads. However, I continued to consider the idea.
So, now that the year has actually started, I have started the project 'for real'. To be honest, I actually find January a very good making month. For some reason, I am much more likely to sit in my studio and produce, rather than sit in here thinking of producing!

So, I have a much better attitude about working with beads for the project. For one, I am going to give myself a lot of leeway as to what will be considered a bead! Irene had commented previously about using buttons, and perhaps changing on alternate weeks. This makes alot of sense.

I have decided that anything that has a hole in it can be considered a bead for the purposes of this project!
Sometimes I will make these fabric beads.
Sometimes I might make other beads from scratch. (like paper beads or Fimo type beads)
Sometimes I will put beads on to something else.
Sometimes I will make a hole in something so I can call it a bead!
Sometimes it will be the process of decorating something - like one of my fantastical garments - with beads. (Not sure how I will determine how much to do each day when it comes to that, but I will decide at the time.)
Sometimes I will use buttons in all of the above ways.

I mentioned the other day that I was given Noah Scalin's book. Sometimes the prompt for that might inspire a bead or button!

I am also going to be kind to myself and allow a bit of getting ahead or catching up. But not by too much. However, at least for this month, I want to develop the habit, so I aim to do one each day regardless.

And I intend to prepare a post of the previous week's beads to be published to the blog on the Sunday. This will probably not include Sunday's bead, due to the fact that Sunday morning is always my busiest morning. But I have time later in the day to make one.

And so saying, here are Beads 1 through 5 of 2013.






The first 2 are purple cotton with a scrap of green silk. The last 3 are green hand dyed silk.

So, this is my statement. Any thoughts or further suggestions which might be wise to consider now at the start?

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Linda M said...

Looks like a good start! It will be fun to see if and how you use them.