Monday, 14 January 2013

refashioned botch or girl's skirt no.7

Sometime back I made an attempt at turning some lovely blue fabric into a bog coat. It is basically a simple rectangle cut and sewn to include seams,etc without waste. You can see how the fabric is cut on this website where the lady has made a paper mock up of the pattern - she used the plan to develop a crocheted jacket. Called a bog coat because ...strangely enough...they pulled a mummified chap out of a bog in Denmark or somewhere, and his coat was made in this manner! Really!

Anyway, I wanted a longish one if I could. So, I was trying to wing this one out of the top of my head without referring to anything resembling a pattern or even one I had made ages ago. Which meant I botched it. So I covered the botched parts with lace. then pinned it together to see if I got the sleeve length right. And decided it was looking too much like a bathrobe. and so it never got any further.

Here it is with the pins still in!

So, I took the pins out and discovered if I cut it apart at the place where the cut for the sleeves had been, the bottom was enough length for a skirt for me... and the top could be redeemed as a cute girl's skirt.

and here it is!

The skirts are for the girls in the orphan village where my friend works in Ethiopia.

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