Monday, 21 January 2013

Still Life quilted

Through one of those thought connection processes that you can't really explain, I found the perfect motif to quilt on the background of the other Still Life piece.

My friend Margaret left a comment and then we had an email conversation after which I somehow remembered her Thin Blue Line piece in which she had used the life line heart beat from an ECG.

So, I realised it would be a perfect motif to say more boldly what I want to say with the group of elderly with wheelchair, walker and hospital bed.

I was going to wait to show it here till Friday, but some of the things I was doing today ended up taking more time than I thought it would. I wasn't ready to show them. So, you get to see the quilting step.

I need to fuse the people down and machine applique.

So hopefully for Friday, we can have both finished with their thin black binding.

I have a few title ideas...not sure which to choose yet.

Still Life with Heartbeat

Still Life: Beating On (as companion with the Still Life: Moving On piece)

Still Life with the Beat (?)

Still Life feel the Beat

Any other ideas?

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