Friday, 14 October 2011

to do or have done

Some people write their to do lists on their blogs. I do make lists, but I reserve the right to not do it. So, I don't need the pressure of telling the world I didn't.
However, sometimes you need to have a 'have done' list. So, in the last few days I have...

-resolved the test situation with the book project. clear gesso, softer brush, and cheap watercolours from tubes painted on straight. The page is sturdy enough to cut the fine detail and also the paint doesn't bleed like it did in the soft 'as is' state.

-nearly completed the last of 5 schemes of work for the variety of C+G fashion students in my class. (you don't want to see those.)

-finally wrote the update letter for TVCT (If you need to see that you should have already.)

-consulted with one of the TVCT committee about mailing list programmes. (not ready to look at)

-sewed all the darts and vertical seams on the grey lining for the black pin stripe skirt, as well as the brown/blue plaid skirt and it's lining. (I am sure you have seen sewn seams! but you can see the fabric here.)

-won the battle with my overlocker and got it to produce results consistent with the book. I decided to stop looking in the manual, which leaves much to the imagination. and look instead in the Bernina Serger/Overlocker book.
oh, and I am ashamed to admit that I discovered that somehow the needle had almost become like a minute crochet hook! Oops. I am sure that didn't help. (not showing you :p )

-so I also have overlocked each individual seam allowance plus the hem and waist. I may still shorten the skirts, but at this point, I am fed up with strings. (you know what overlocking looks like)

-hoovered all the strings off the studio floor. I may have said this before, but I can cope with piles akin to archeological digs on my tables and surfaces, carving out a space for anything I want to do. BUT, after a certain point, I CAN'T COPE WITH STRINGS ON THE FLOOR. Not sure what the difference is. (still not showing you :p )

-oh, I also tidied the big counter area in the kitchen. Mr. Wonderful has discovered baking in the last year, and as he is quite the gadget man, whether computer gadgets or gardening gadgets or baking gadgets, we were getting quite a collection. SO, I found a few spaces out of site for some of them. Besides strings, I like to have that space clear, because you look through from the kitchen to the dining room. ( also not showing you :p )

So, any applause for the above would be appreciated. (Including avoiding taking random photos.)

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