Friday, 23 September 2011

Book Project

So, I tried out my idea for the book project. I needed to enlarge 250%. My trial piece was 200%. It is a bit too fiddley and the larger one looks better on a whole page.
also, I learned that these book pages are very soft, so either I need a very sharp tip to my blade or I need to firm the page up in some way. I am going for firming. I need to try a few ideas. I want to colour it in with reference to the bright colours of illuminated manuscripts, so I can't really cover the top surface, but I might be able to do the back.

I might try dilute PVA glue. It just needs something to keep the little edges of the leaves inside from pulling away. Maybe acrylic wax over the letter after?

I also need to be sure the colours do have a difference visually. I had 4 shades of blue, but the very dark and the dark one both read as the same...What about colouring with gouache?

But, one thing I will try is fusible on the back of the page, because I am considering fusing a piece of fabric behind the letter after it is coloured. Here are a few ideas.

I am leaning towards the mottled look, but of course this is a little sample piece of cloth from somewhere, so not enough to do several letters. I may do different bright colours for different letters.

more thinking and experimenting next week.

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