Saturday, 15 October 2011

threads and machines

Today I got my poorly machine back from the doctor again. It was doing a little blind hem stitch dance and then kept chuntering along even when I lifted my foot from the petal. Not good.

I haven't dared try it, but they said they replaced the synchroniser. Okay. me neither, but I think it must help the 2 new boards (that they put in when it went to hospital in August) talk to each other. Or something. I am so glad my dealer decided to extend the warranty another year.

anyway, besides going to Reading for that, I also needed a post for V, for the Ideas of Inspiration blog. I forgot I already saved one of a sculpture in Lyon which was covered with Verdigris. Anyway, I decided to go for variegated. So, that meant I had to sort out the box with all the tangled variegated threads!

This is not all of the variegated threads mind you. But it is worth having such a selection. you might choose one which is almost right, but has a bit of green or yellow or something else, which changes the look of a piece in a way that you don't want. So, if you have a choice of nearly the same versions, you can find the one that works.

Most of these are Valdani rayon threads as sold by Thread Studio. I understand they have worked with them to get their own dye selections. I get a few more each year when they come to Knitting and Stitching show.
Recently, I discovered Mettler silk finish variegated cotton threads. They are good when you want a bit thicker line. I have started to get one of each so I can shop in my stash when I need them.

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Valeri said...

I love Mettler threads as they work so well. It is always good to have a big stash of threads as one never seems to have the colour one needs! Well that's my excuse!