Saturday, 8 October 2011

black pin stripe skirt - 2

A bit of progress. I cut out some rectangles from the little bit of scrap fabric I had left and tried a few arrangements of them scattered on the front of the skirt.

Then I auditioned a few threads to see which one looked best. I had been tempted to go with a black/grey twist thread. But when I tried several other greys and black, the one which seemed best was 'almost black'. I sampled a few stitches on a swatch. I haven't mentioned that in the process of dealing with the skirt, I discovered it had a bit of stretch. So, although I thought a 3 step zigzag might look interesting, it actually stretched the background fabric when on the bias. In the end I went for one I use a lot.
It sort of looks like this.

I decided to use stabliser on the back anyway, even though this one didn't seem to cause stretch. I had some tear away I had been given and discovered one of the packets had black in! cool. Even though I am tearing it away there are always few little bits left. It won't show anyway, with the lining. But, it just gives ease of mind for me to know there aren't awkward looking white bits in the stitching!

I got another idea at the Knitting and Stitching show, which I will audition tomorrow if I get a chance.

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