Tuesday, 11 October 2011

black pin stripe skirt - 3

So, the idea I got to make this skirt a bit more fun... add black lace to the patches.

Not sure if I mentioned that the patches are from the wrong side, which has more of a plaid effect. I am not sure if I actually saw anything at Knitting and Stitching that made me think of the lace, but just an overall idea of what I like. I quite like the juxtaposition of lace with things you think shouldn't have lace. I also like the deconstructed aged look that bits of lace can give. Sort of a Miss Haversham effect.

I tried the skirt on to see about the length. It wants to be about 7cm shorter. I also discovered that the patches I had already sewn on were a bit too much all at the sides when I was wearing it. So I placed a few more patches towards the centre front.

Then, like I said, I have a stash so I can shop in it when I get a bright idea. I got down the box with lace bits and lo, and be-hold...a little bundle of black lace which was just right. I added it here and there.
I also have one patch just at the top of the back pleat.
The photos with flash make it look like you can really differentiate between the skirt, the patches and the lace. But in reality they are all very similar in colour. It is the sort of detailing that you don't notice at first because it blends in. That is the effect I wanted it to have. It looks like a serious black pin stripe skirt, but then you take a secondlook to see what is interupting the stripes.

Next job, the lining and waistband. Remember, the fact that I have to piece the waistband is what set me off with these little patches. There is one patch just pinned where it will be when I get the waistband on.
I might get the lining sewn tomorrow. I have a bit of co-ordinator stuff to do for the Thames Valley group.

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