Wednesday, 26 October 2011

red herringbone tweed skirt - 1

Some days...

Today I just couldn't get very motivated. Okay, I did get out the box of jeans to see what I might use for the recycle project. and I did actually come up with an idea. But...

and I also got out the scraps from the red herringbone tweed that is on the cut out pile waiting to be a skirt and tried a few ideas for jazzing it up. I was thinking pun - herringbone stitches on herringbone tweed. getit? but I thought hand stitches would catch, and the right colour thread was too thick for even a size 120 needle. So I did a few bobbin work samples.

But I really didn't like the machine herringbone this time, since it closes the ends of the stitch. anyway, I eventually decided I liked this quilting stitch which is at the top - basically it is like a staggered buttonhole stitch from one side to the other. I could have adjusted the tensions to get it just right. But I like the look of the slight v. Here is a close up.

So it got to be 8 pm and I felt like the day was a bit of a waste production wise. Then my husband went off to the shops and I thought. Okay. let's see how much I can do in 2 hours.

and actually, I managed to do alot! I had the skirt and lining parts sewed together by the time he came back around 9 pm.

I got stuck when it came to the zip. I forgot I had meant to go looking for a dark red one. I am considering this cream zip. (I have a red one that is more scarlet, but it shouts WRONG!) If it is lap construction, you won't see it anyway. but, if I am doing the stitching on the skirt, it would be fun to have the right kind of red zip, too.

So, tomorrow I will play with where to put the stitching. and Friday, when Sew Divine has their haberdashery stall in the Market, I will go get a zip.

and if anyone is out there, here is a question?
So, the fabric sort of reads as pinkyred. I am hoping the red stitches help the viewer decide it is a red skirt. (basically I like red and I don't like pink much! - unless it is fuchsia.) What do you think?

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