Tuesday, 25 October 2011

resewn skirt

while I am on a skirt roll, and while today was to be a bit of an in and out of the house today. I thought I might resew this skirt.

I bought this in the charity shop some years ago, even though it was too big for me. I really loved the stitching on the front. So, I did a bit of a sew-sew taking in so I could wear it. However, it was never quite right, and as it was unlined, if I wore a slip under it for more warmth, the awkward fit made the slip end up round my hips.

So, last night I took it apart at the side seams. I forgot to do a before photo, but here you can see the stitching on the front.

and here you can see how much wanted chopping off to be my size. The waist doesn't seem that much bigger, but it had no darts. I have sewn darts in as usual with my own pattern. One of the problems before was that it was even longer than I like, which is below the knee. I couldn't take it up without compromising the design. So, when I recut it, I retained the original hem and cut the excess from the top.

Because I was doing that, I had to reposition the invisible zip at the back. I am very chuffed at how successful that was! I usually avoid invisible zips. I may reconsider!

Because the original was just sewn with the overlocker, I used that method for sewing the skirt together. It was pretty quick.

Anyway, the waist treatment was a faced waist. The original facing was rather dodgy and never behaved right in the first place. Besides being pretty ruined by the time I got it off, with recutting the skirt, it would not have gone back on properly anyway. So, I discovered just enough of the black pin stripe skirt fabric in my scrap bin to be able to make a new facing. (Both fabrics have a bit of stretch in them.)

et voila! So, no dramatic changes, but it fits now! and that was all done like I said between going here and there today.

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