Monday, 24 October 2011

skirts - done

It is half-term this week. So, I was able to finish the 2 skirts I was working on.

I like putting buttons at the back of skirts that are a bit plain. It helps to keep the walking pleat from stress. I put one of the patches at the back of the pinstripe skirt to go with the ones from the front.

Thoughts on the patches on the pinstripe skirt?
So, it is okay, but not sure if I managed to make it look like a design and not just a bunch of plonked on patches.

Thoughts on working a bit more like a production line?
It has worked really well to do a bit here and there. Generally I focus on one thing from start to finish. (well, I generally have several types of projects going on, but I usually keep going on one garment at a time, so I can remember what it was I was going to do next.)

Not sure what I will work on next. I have several options.

-Work on the Book Project.
-Stitch one or two more winter skirts.
-Have a cutting out blouses day so I can get a few of those ready to work on a bit at a time. I really need blouses more than I need skirts.
-Start work on a textile piece to get a head start for next year. (Now that is where everything else goes out the window because I really enjoy doing that sort of work.) But it would really become a tip in here if I did that!
- make some gasp Christmas presents.

one thing I will do...
look out some bits and pieces to refashion something for the Pattern Review contest that is coming up. I have wanted to do something for one of the contests for a long time, but you need to belong at least 3 months. so after I got that far, I was recovering from the emergency trip to America and starting on the Fashion sans Frontiere's garments. Not all of the contests suit me. It is, after all Pattern Review, and I make my own patterns. But, I haven't done a refashion for a while and am not right out straight for the month of November. So, that should do.

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