Thursday, 20 October 2011

this week

Monday was not so bad at college this week. For the first time I actually was able to use the Smart board in my room! A how-to video on making a fold over channel with elastic insert for a waistband. this was for the Level 1 students. While they watched, I showed 1st year Level 2 students how to change a straight skirt draft to an A-line skirt. Cool. teaching two lots of people at one time!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was busy making something for the current QuiltArt challenge(an online list). With all the college stuff, the deadline snuck up on me. I really did want to do it though, as it was about using unusual materials: i.e from the DIY shop or whatever. UMC = Unusual Materials Challenge. This as you might guess was right up my street. I have been wanting to do more with some of the ideas I have started experimenting with sewing on Weird and Wonderfuls.

However, we are not to show in progress photos til it is up online. So, photos of the drawers where I have been collecting these sorts of things already will have to do for now.

So, you will have to wait to see the result!!

Oh, today? I read a book. So there! Next week is half-term, so I figured I could read at least 2 books, couldn't I ?  I also gessoed the rest of the pages I am going to use for the book project.

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