Wednesday, 5 October 2011

black pin stripe skirt -

...has the side seams stitched together and lapped zip in centre back. I am sure you can imagine that.

Now, laying in wait on the table to see how I am going to do the interesting bits tomorrow when I have a bit more intelligence at my command than I do tonight.

Today we had training about using the interactive whiteboard ( or reminding in the case of those of us who haven't had access to one the past few years.) I am looking forward to being able to use youtube video clips of sewing techniques.

Like this one...

Which actually makes sewing an invisible zip look easy, and thus I will not be spending 10 minutes trying to do one and looking like a fool getting more and more flustered because it doesn't work when you do it in front of people! Plus...they can replay if they don't get it!!! and I can get on with the trillions of other people waiting for my attention.

Up to now I have avoided invisible zips. But I might actually have the confidence to do more of them now.

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