Saturday, 29 October 2011

red herringbone tweed skirt - 3

Nearly there...needs the waistband sewn down, the lining stitched next to the zip and the walking pleat, and everything about the hem done.

I got one of those 'what if' ideas and discovered it would be fun to have buttons as part of the stitching detail. This was because I sewed one stripe above the pleat part in the back, but it looked lonely so I thought I would do my normal button with it as well. and so one thing led to another. I had almost enough of the right buttons, but some were sort of "mmm, not sure."

So while I was in town getting the zip, I rummaged in their button box and found a few more that might work. I traded one of my possibles for one of the ones I bought. and choose a different one for the back, too. So, I had a about 3 extra...

for which I was glad later. Would you like to hear a story?

WELL, I was sewing the lining in after the waistband was stitched on to the skirt fabric, (which is not recommended practice). and so the waistband got caught in the sewing, and then as I was unsewing that bit...
yes, you guessed it. I made a hole in the fabric. oh, dear. So, I tried to darn it with some of the 'white' thread. but being herringbone weave, it was not the best looking thing I have ever done.

SO, what if I stitched a line of stitching over it like below. Okay, that was happy, but I could still notice the mend. So, being too late at night to be sewing already or I wouldn't have got into this state in the first place...I decided to just touch it up with felt tip.(also not recommended practice if you don't have a colour that is spot on... or else at least try it on a scrap so you can say "that won't work" before you find out it doesn't.) So, anyway, extra button to the rescue.

and actually, I think it is the bit about the whole thing that makes it from interesting to 'designerish'. Check it out on the photo up on the waistband.

you should be able to click on the photo and enlarge, but I am not sure because Blogger seems to think you want to look at all the photos in blogs in a fancy black background but not have the choice of looking at detail.

oh while I was in the market, I had a look at Lady Sew and Sew's stall. I thought I would see what was interesting for blouses. Well, I did think, "what in the world will I wear with this skirt?", but anyway. Nothing there wanted to be a blouse for this skirt anyway. But this fabric seemed to say it had to come home with me.

In a strange way, it almost wants to go with the skirt, but I don't think I am brave enough. I will have to get some second opinions.

and then ask my son, who will be brave enough to tell me the full truth. (Actually, I have always been able to get good design advice from him, except for the years when he wasn't really doing normal conversations, let alone ones having to do with my sewing.)

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