Sunday, 12 June 2011

TVCQ workshop and private view

We had a couple workshops at the Museum during half term. Mine was swamped with families! But the one the next day only had one child.At our workshop, we had strips of felt to make a weaving.

Here are some of the works of art. Some liked a minimal look, some liked strings hanging off.

This little girl decided she wanted the hanging strips looped back on themselves. Yes! someone who thinks outside the box!

We also had an interactive activity where people could poke bits of fabric into a foam base and create their own pattern.

It has been popular, especially with the children of group members who were waiting while mums chatted!

We also had a selection of samples people could touch and get an idea of how some of the art has been made. It was popular as well.

So, there you have to whole exhibition experience. Sadly, yesterday was the last day for the exhibition. We will be taking the work down on Tuesday. It was also the last day for the Museum to be open in the current venue. There will not be space for a gallery at the library where the Museum is moving. unfortunately for the majority of the exhibit the museum artefacts were being packed up. So, there wasn't opportunity to compare the work with the artefact which inspired it.

We were able to hold a private view on the 4th of June. The Museum employees and volunteers were also invited. At the private view and through the week we had quite a bit of interest from other galleries who wanted to have us show work. We are hoping this exhibit will be shown next year at the National Needlework Archive in Newbury. This is good because it is open for a longer period during the week.
photo by Nigel Bird
The Mayor of Bracknell attended our private view. We meet in the Birch Hill Community Centre which is in her constituency.

Watch this space and go to the group blog where more photos of the private view and for further information of what is going on!

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