Sunday, 5 June 2011

TVCQ exhibition - 1

Here are a few of the pieces of work in the exhibition in Slough Museum. You can see more at the Whatever floats Your Boat... blog. In most cases, I am putting together a photo of the work from the 'reveal' day at the community centre, and then at the museum. The museum photos were taken quickly when I was there to do a workshop, but between the two you can get an idea.

Gaynor's work was inspired by the mangle in the museum collection. She recalled the one her mother had and the times she caught her fingers in it! Then she saw another one in another museum and started looking around on the internet for more ideas. There is a bit of text from a piece in 2009 where the Vatican is trying to claim that washing machines did more for women's liberation than birth control and working outside the home! So we displayed it near the 'please touch' table where people would stop and then have a chance to read what it said.

Heather was inspired by some of the artwork done on the pavements on Slough High Street. The piece was lovely and bright for going into the front window of the museum, but is hard to photograph there, so the second photo is one she sent.

Delia was inspired by the samplers done by the young girls which we saw in the museum handling collection. I missed out getting a photo on reveal day, so one of these photos zooms in a bit so you can see it better. I like the way the last one implies the stitcher had had enough and went off to play!

There were a few small works that we hung near one another as they had a link to childhood, so the piece hanging next to Delia's belongs to Sheila who was inspired by the wee doll shoes in the handling collection. They reminded her of some she has that belonged to her grandmother. So her piece relates to memories of her grandmother. On the background she used cyanoprint to make images from family photos.

The other two works were so fine and ethereal they were in danger of being lost. However, one of the ladies who helped with the installation has alot of experience having worked at South Hill Park. So, she and another lady went off down the road to see what they could find. They came back with these mirrors and with a bit of fine fishing wire...they both retain their mystery and yet the attention is drawn to them.

Chris was also inspired by the doll shoes. However, her doll very much wants to take a journey, so Chris printed luggage tags and maps of the world onto organza and then made up the shoes. There is a wonderful little book that goes with it, but there was not enough plinths to put it out.

And this ghostly little dolls dress is just too fine for words. Marion crocheted it from nylon thread. It was inspired by a dolls underskirt which is in the museum collection. The idea of placing it in front of the mirror added a whole different dimension with thoughts of trying on and all sorts! there are some wonderful photos on the other blog where Marion tried out ideas of it laying in the snow.

I will put a few more up tomorrow if I can.

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