Saturday, 4 June 2011

Exhibition - Slough Museum

The museum project has been such a success. Today was the private view, although it opened on the 18th May. but from the point of getting the work on the 14th and hanging it and then doing workshops at half term, we were quite busy.

I have also had other things going on, so I will try to give a bit of an overview in the next few days.

Here are a few photos from the 14th when everyone brought their work.
In the morning, Delia talked about her experiences of putting on exhibitions of her work. At one point she did a series about the shipping forecast. I remember seeing that and being awed, but I never thought I would meet her let alone become good friends with her!

At lunch, some last minute things went on, but not too many.

and then we had each person talk about what they had done.

You can see how everyone hung on every word hearing the back story to the work.

I am so proud each person stretched themselves in different ways and so many took first steps for different things. I am a bit like a pleased mum at the school play!

Don't forget to check out the Whatever Floats Your with posts by some of the artists about how they were inspired and how the work progressed. There is also a virtual catalogue with a collection of the stories and techniques. and in a few days there will be official photos.

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