Wednesday, 8 June 2011

TVCQ exhibition - 3

Before carrying around the museum, I will give you a glimpse of the front window. I was able to get a few photos while there with my husband. As I said, it is hard to photograph with the reflections.

The first piece is by Kate M. She was inspired by a shop window she saw in Slough. She thought it would make a good design for a quilt with the criss cross lines and divisions. You can see it more clearly here at the reveal day in the community centre.

another one of just Kate's piece in the window.

a photo of Heather's which I showed the other day. (I had started by showing pieces by some of my embroidery students and some that were just delightful, but then realised I should show things in a more orderly fashion.)

There was more space that needed filling in the window. We had chosen those because we thought being colourful they would attract more attention.
The piece I submitted was based on the doll's corsets in the handling collection.(photos of it in my lounge here and I will show it in the museum on another day)
So I looked in my cupboard and realised I had 2 pieces that were also based on corsets that would work...especially this first one which is called Fanciful Dreams. Corset shapes in bright silks that look like fans when they are all put together.
and then this other piece seemed right for the side wall. I wasn't worried if it wasn't actually noticed much. It has rust died fabrics and even grapefruit pith!

Of course those aren't the best of photos! you might see them as advertising for the shops across the road!

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