Wednesday, 8 June 2011

TVCQ exhibition - 2

More photos. As you come into the gallery to the left you would see 3 plinths with cloth books. and an arrangement of 3 artists work along the wall. Two of the books can be seen in this photo.

They are by Jenny. One follows a heraldic theme from the coat of arms of Slough focussing on the swan. The other is called the Blue Planet and focusses on Herschel, who developed a particular telescope,and includes symbols from his own coat of arms. A closer look with the photos taken on reveal day.

In the gallery photo, the first set of works on the wall are by Joanna. She researched things Slough was known for: cox's orange pippin apples, a Mrs Siskins dianthus, making bricks and a reference to a place where pigs were kept in the Doomsday book. I really like the graphic style of these pieces!

Next along the wall is Sue's bright work based on the paisley design used by one of the artists who created an inset work in the pavement in the high street.

and the final one on that wall is by Jane E, whose work commemorates Herschel's sister, who discovered and named several comets.

The other cloth book was also by Jane E. It is about the contrast of the 2012 Olympics with the Austerity Olympics - her husband carried the flame, I believe. She was inspired by a cup from the 1948 Olympics which is in the Museum.

Here are the 3 books together.

I am hoping to visit the museum again tomorrow with my husband, so I hope to get some better photos of the pieces in the window.

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