Saturday, 11 June 2011

TVCQ exhibition - 6

I showed a few of the pieces to the right of the door in the first post. Since I went with my husband to the exhibition on Wednesday, I was able to get a few better photos.
This a general photo of the whole area. You can't see Clare's piece with the wings or Gaynor's with the mangle as they are behind the pillar and Marion's ghost dress is nearer the door.

So a reminder: Marion's ghost dress
Chris' shoes
Delia's samplers
Sheila's cyanotype shoes

Next is
Clare's 'wings' - Clare was inspired by angels in the stained glass window of one of the churches in Slough. She used various contemporary versions of goldwork and embroidery techniques to create the centre portion to fit with the wooden wings she had been gifted.

and Geraldine's People's Cathedral - Geraldine came to the reveal meeting with the central square completed. She had ideas for the surround, but had only been able to complete that much along with her C+G course. So, we all persuaded her it WAS good enough to go in as it was. And then she went home and by the next morning had added the surround that it has now. It is beautiful!

As I said, the Gaynor's mangle piece is on the other side of the pillar above the interactive area. This is a better photo and with detail. I tried to get it so you could read it, but it might not be very clear.

On this side you can see Linda's piece inspired by a mammoth tooth in the museum collection. She used photos printed onto fabric combined with fabrics with a bit of an ancient feel.

The installation piece below is Vicki's work using silk paper techniques.
She was inspired by a photo of the Salvage Kid whose job was to collect paper from being wasted in the war. Some of the salvage was from bombed letterboxes.
The piece is very poignant as you are encouraged to consider what may have happened in lives of people whose letters didn't reach their destination.

Today is the final day of the show. The museum is closing as well. Due to funding cuts they have had to move. They will be in a small room in the Central Library, so no room for galleries.

However, we have hopes for the show to go to other places! I won't say till the agreement is final, but we are excited about it!

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