Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Secret project

As I said, I finished the main part of Secret Project no.1 the other day. I am working on something to go with it, but it isn't crucial.

I deliberated quite a bit about Secret Project no.2, but finally settled on a design a few weeks ago. I had some natural coloured silk twill and a box of Dylon machine dyes I had hoped to change it with. I had already bought some lining; the nearest to what I could get to the blue on the box. However, when I opened the box ready to do it...well it said not to use it on silk. At that point it was do it or don't do it. So I did it anyway! I figured I was still open to the results to lead me for how I would develop the design so even if it had holes, I wouldn't mind.

Well, I am so glad I did it. I absolutly love the colour! It is almost a periwinkle blue and there is a subtle shine from the silk that catches your breath! and then to top it off, you could not get a better match for the lining if you tried. (the light is shining off the part next to the silk, but the darker section behind is more like the true colour. Well, I know people don't see the lining, but for me it makes me more confident if I have lining that isn't just making do.

And here is the amazing thing. Today I cut out the skirt, and the parts for the bodice and even started sewing things together. Some of the reason I managed to do so much today is because at least 3 filling up my head sorts of things are done now. It does help to focus if you have room in your head!

done things
-took down the TVCQ exhibition from the museum yesterday - done.
-5 out of 9 students submitted drafting folders which I marked and then the college internal verifier agreed with the marks. All 5 got distinctions for those units! - done
-a decision on major headachey issues over a particular matter with one of my group looks like it is going to turn out for the best. - done

I need to find out how to insert a tick. I love to tick things off a list, don't you?

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