Friday, 10 June 2011

TVCQ exhibition - 5

Today I will start with the 3D pieces.

Annie was inspired by Slough as a town itself and depicted it as a recepticle. In the inside of her bowl is a patchwork map of the town with the railway and the roads that lead into Slough. The outside represents the variety of cultures that make up Slough.

Next in the centre is my piece. I haven't got a photo on the reveal day, but you saw it in my lounge. Here is a photo showing both sides. I was inspired by the little doll corsets, but wanted to enlarge it to make it unrestrictive and flexible, with even the colours of stitching showing that fashionable toys are for all children rather than the wealthy whose parents would have been able to afford corsets for their dolls.

Next, a photo of the back corner of the gallery. There is a portion of the wall that is set out from the wall I was showing yesterday.

The piece on that wall is by Christine who was inspired by the irons in the museum collection...even one called Fairy Prince! The irons brought back memories of her grandfather's kitchen.

In the corner is a 3D suspended piece by Margaret R. She saw the Taplow vase in the museum which is in many pieces, but is displayed in such a way as to let the mind fill in the gaps. She liked the openness of the vase displayed that way and wanted to represent it through repeated drawings of the vase displayed in an implied vase shape.

The back wall is filled with work by Jane G.

Jane saw a bottle and book in the museum relating to an embrocation. In researching the salve, she discovered it was said to be helpful to both humans and horses! She was able to obtain her own copy of the book and used some of the illustrations to create a series. The muslin over the pages and the red stitching give quite a feel of wounds and bandages.

In front of Jane's work is another 3D installation by Ros. Ros saw some of the old tins the museum had and created some with a political twist. Bandages, Salve and Polish in the style of old healing potions these offer universal cures for what is wrong in the world!
Tomorrow the rest of the items that are in the alcove are to the right of the door when you enter the room.

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