Thursday, 9 June 2011

TVCQ exhibition - 4

More from our exhibition. To read more of the stories look at the catalogue here.

The first corner you see when you walk in the door of the gallery.

Jane E's piece about the comets was shown the other day.

Next in the corner is Margaret C's installation. Margaret was inspired by another of the artworks in the Slough high street. She printed sky birds onto mull and rolled it into 2 tubes. She found the best way to show all the way around was to put in front of a reflective surface. The sky birds are printed at the back as well.

Here is the full wall that faces you when you come in the door.

So next is Kate F's piece about Herschel's telescope. There is a model in the museum collection. Kate often works structures into her pieces. However she said she struggled this time - thus the title Herschel's Nightmare!

Somehow I missed out getting a close photo of Mary's piece at the reveal, but here it is at the museum. She was inspired by the variety of architectural structures at the Slough Trading Estate. The combination of roof shapes and piping really work well together.

Sheena also thought about the trading estate, but from a political perspective. So there is a hint of the buildings but with economical references and the word Slough stitched repeatedly.

Elaine was inspired by the artefacts of Horlicks items in the museum collection. In her research, she discovered alot of information about Horlicks tablets and recorded it in a visual way in this piece.

Merete was looking at the Mars factory and found that there is a place online where you can design your own M+M's! So, here is her version of M+M's with the sun, sand and sea elements which often show up in her work.

Carol was thinking about the manufacturing as well - the manufacture of bricks that Slough was known for. She depicted the layers of history through the variety of bricks shown in the piece.

Tomorrow I will put in the 3D pieces in the centre. You can see Annie's in front of these pieces in the photo of the full wall.

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