Monday, 13 June 2011

Design day at college

So, all that was just a start on catching up on things that went on in May when I rather ran out of time for posting.

During the days I have been working on the Secret photos to speak of except maybe this?
A jacket that has lost it's sleeve - I am still trying to get a jacket toile to fit. So I finally decided to remove one sleeve from this. The hang was right even though the shoulders need taking in and down 1 inch. So, if I ever fix it, I am going to need to take the sleeve off anyway at the shoulder. So I took it off and sorted the alteration and then traced it off to use for a pattern for the jacket. At this point in the progress of these projects, I think I am going to decide that high summer is not the best time for jackets that I have run out of time to make!!

another Saturday was taken up with a full day of design work with the students in the C+G course. There were so many Bank holidays scheduled during the actual course time that we were in danger of needing to meet right into August! So, we had to sessions in one on the Saturday.

Here is a little of the work that was going on.


a collection of experiments by Francis

 combining rubbing patterns

 applying the designs to the craft - fashion
more design work by helena

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