Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sounding board

On Thursday's my friend Pat comes round for a while. While she is here, she often helps me get my head full of ideas into a bit of focus to what I really do want. Most times this is without her saying a word! I start to tell her what I have been doing and we head to my studio. Then, as I explain to her what I have been thinking, suddenly I am able to see in my head what will be best. Or while I am fiddling with something to show her what I mean, I work out how I will actually be able to accomplish it. and a lot of times I get further ideas... meaning I dig around in piles and cupboards for just that thing which will finish off a look.

Here is the idea that got refined while Pat watched and nodded in the right places.

Thanks Pat. You are a good listener!

Sometimes when my son is here, he gets subjected to the same treatment. But he isn't always aware that all he needs to do is listen! If he is in a can-be-bothered mood, he can give some good visual advice. when he is in a can't-be-bothered wish you hadn't asked. ;-)

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