Monday, 9 December 2013

random inspiration

I have rather over done things. so may be a bit quiet this week. Just picture me sitting in here making... and trying to be a bit more sensible about conserving the wee bit of energy I have.

So, for today - a couple of my random photos catching a moment of inspiration - loving the colour and pattern

So, I hear about people using onion skins as a dye. I keep wondering what colour would result from these skins. It does leave a lovely colour on your skin/cutting board/knife.

On my to-do list of trying.

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Margaret Cooter said...

Onion skins are a good way to start natural dyeing. Here's info on the colours you get -
"Red onion skins create a earthy range of colors. Protein fibers such as wool and silk, dye a pale to medium nutmeg brown, with a mix of rosewood, russet and rosy browns. Cellulose fibers such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo dye a range of seashell pinks, with a mix of champagne, pale, and silver pink. Natural dye colors are living colors, they are alive with the life that made them."
That's from