Sunday, 8 December 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 1-7 Dec

2013 - Week 49 Daily Beads

Since last Sunday was the 1st of December, I am back to posting Sunday through Saturday rather than Monday through Sunday like I had been for a while. Not that it matters to you! Still, it will be good to not worry about making the bead in time for the Sunday posting.

So, in the week I told you I had a bit of dilemma of what to work on amongst the many ideas left in my head (Thousands or at least nearly 12 more that aren't fabric beads!) because the idea I had assigned to this month would not work with the time scale of life sort of things that happen in December. So, I settled on using these poppers.

To be honest. After I started, I wished I went with a larger size! But I had decided I might 'need' those for 'proper' sewing. Not that I actually ever put poppers on anything these is normally hooks and eyes/loops if not a buttonhole. But I had dallied enough and was getting behind.

So enough they are. The metallic bead will be a different colour each week, but I will try to keep the order and colour of the 'glistening beads' the same each week.

The constant is silver metallic beads.







Okay. These are small!
Here's a photo for comparison.

As I said, you wouldn't be able to see the popper when they are done. I may do a step by step how to at some point. But I am not sure anyone else would even want to...or at least use larger poppers!

The ones I made to see if it could be done are being reserved in case the last 3 days of the month are too busy. But they were made using pink metallic beads and pink or maroon glistening beads. They look like wee raspberries! So that is what they are being called in my head.

I think the raspberries will be wonderful for something like ball buttons on a gown or hanging from a cord or in a fringe. If I don't go blind by the end of the month that is!

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Celia said...

Brilliant idea - and I have a lot of poppers, of about the same vintage as yours...