Thursday, 19 December 2013

Another Ramshackle : Proximity - Closer

These posts on the Ramshackle neighbourhoods are now linked to Off the Wall Friday at Nina-Marie's. Go on over there and see what the others have been up to!
If you have come from there, you should be able to see the 3 posts from this week. Scroll down to the first one to see the whys and wherefores.

Another slightly different colourway. I got a bit distracted yesterday, so finished it today.

Exploring neighbourhood, looking at the landscape around the houses, discovering if the background colour choice affects the mood, and considering Proximity. Does being close together develop community?

Up to the point after fusing and before stitching.

Then stitched, trimmed and binding added. The colour in this photo is more accurate.
The fabric was a pale peachy brown. I think it still works, even though it is a bit unusual, in that the original sketches had more of a colour contrast.

Because I wanted this to be about community, I put fabric in the middle path to keep it from having a strong visual separation. Instead of going along one side and back down the other with the stitching on that path, I did more of a wiggly line which I think works well.

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