Saturday, 14 December 2013

Something on Saturday

In the post yesterday!

In the days following Thanksgiving, Deepika of Pattern Review opened up the forum blog for comments of thanks to members of the forum. I had several people I was grateful to, so each day I added a thank you comment.

And I was surprised to find that my name was drawn for a prize! This prize was from Gwen at Gwyn Hug - measurement cards - a tool that helps with getting a realistic idea of how much fabric you might need for a garment you want to make.

I asked Gwen how it would work for someone who drafts their own patterns, as the number crunching was developed by recording yardage requirements from 1000's of patterns. I have a pretty good understanding of how much I'd need and how much I can get away with just from years of experience. Gwen explained the numbers side of it a bit more.

So, I think it they will be helpful for drafting for a different size and unusual garments like my wearable art. I think, too, it can give me a better idea of how much yardage I need to produce if I am going to make something with fabric I have screen printed or have done all over embroidery or quilting. So, I chose the set for women's clothing. And it arrived in the post yesterday.

Thanks Deepika and Thanks Gwen!

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Judith said...

I have a set of these cards and they are just soooooo handy to have when fabric shopping ~ hope you enjoy your set ... J