Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Recipe cards

Several of my friends asked me for recipes for the various things I made from pumpkin.

I didn't get to writing them down til yesterday. The weekend has been busy. Mince pies for shoppers on Saturday (I made biscuits again, but simplified the shapes.) and Candlelight Carol service on Sunday.

Since these recipes are from American sources, I needed to 'translate' them. Americans use the volume method of baking - measuring with cups. The Brits use the weight method of baking - weighing the ingredients with a scale.

Anyway, I decided to use the idea of the post cards and make them a bit special. I had some scraps of novelty fabrics which seemed just right.

There were actually ten altogether. I also did the cornbread recipe for one of the ladies but forgot to add it into the photo.

I think I am mostly ready for the Holiday now. We are going up to see my husband's mother and sister for a couple days. Leaving after the Christmas morning service. Then A Certain Young Man comes back from America for a couple weeks. He gets in on the morning of the 28th. I have been baking and freezing things for then as well. I probably won't post much this week. So I hope you and your family enjoys the Holiday Season!


Judith said...

Merry Christmas ~ enjoy the holiday season, and I hope Santa is good to you ... J

Gill said...

Happy Christmas Sandy!