Monday, 18 February 2013

white cami fix

So now that I have a pattern off my cami, it is time to fix it! I have been wearing it back to front because there was a stain!
I wanted to keep any fix white, so I can wear it with any other colour top. I had in mind something like a bit of ruffle, but was open to possibilities.

I dug around in my box of refashion t-shirt potential. no scraps of white. However, there was the top part of a t-shirt dress I got a Very long time ago and chopped the skirt off to do something with kids in mind - oh yeah, I think it was a t-shirt for a cow puppet. :0) Like you do.
There was a bit of the skirt still hanging in there which would give a strip of fabric.

I decided to trim out white sections to see what I was left with.
Okay, these don't look like much, but there was a bit of a petal feel about them.

So, I trimmed ends to be more petal like and arranged them in a pile over the stain...
Not too bad! The random look of the petals make it look more natural.

A few more adjustments and the addition of a button picked up from around the house. and then some judicious hidden stitching to keep the top petals from flopping too much and the button sewn to the centre and we have a flower!
Rather has a gardenia look about it, don't you think?

(oops, the button says Pierre Cardin, so it is probably from one of my son's shirts! Yikes! Okay - deep breath... If he comes with a shirt needing a button, I will hope something that posh will have a spare one in the side seam!)

And here is the new look cami top!

Bring on Spring!

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