Monday, 25 February 2013

just scrap stitch

Sometimes after a few intensive days, you aren't up to alot...or at least I'm not. It might be a fibromyalgia thing or just a normal life thing. I got the felt backings on the bead badges and did the daily project for today. But not much else.

Well, other than a special little wander round the garden centre and a cup of hot chocolate with the Thoughtful Man who took a day off to prune the apple and pear tree and sort out his allotment patch. (He only tells me these things, like having a day off, at about the time I begin to worry he is going to be late if he doesn't get up.) but it was a nice little date. We like to go to this garden centre where all we can really afford is the hot drinks! and we come away feeling very virtuous because we weren't even tempted to spend anything. On the odd occasion when they have special deals for 'garden club members' we get something like 3 rose bushes for what they normally charge for one.

I had this scrap of denim and a few scraps of fabric laying around on the side. A few weeks back, they decided they wanted to be together, so I did a little arrangement of the scraps.

So, tonight while I was moping about waiting for it to be a more reasonable time to go to bed (not 8:30!) I thought it was just the sort of thing I could do which wouldn't take a lot of thought.

So here it is.
and now to bed.

I think I will put together another something for 'just scrap stitching', ready for the next time I have no brain and a bit of time before bed.
I am sure they will be useful at some point.

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365 Dresses said...

I like your little bits of stitching, Sandy! I felt the same way yesterday---just a bit let down and tired after the excitement of the weekend. I think you spent the day well.