Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lining starts and stops

Started the linings for the wool skirts...while it is still being winter out there!
First the pink one

Stopped a problem for the lining on my son's jacket. He had an interview today. (YES! at last!) He had to buy a new suit due to the weightlifting shoulders and thighs. Tesco off the peg big and tall fit just fine. although he is neither big or tall. just fit!

However, this morning when he went to put it on, he discovered the lady had removed the security tag from the trousers and not the jacket. I was duly staying out of the way as requested, so I don't know how he got it off...

Anyway, the seam of the outside needed stitching up...not so bad. But the lining was rather chewed up. I think the security tag had just been shoved through badly in the first place.
No before photos, but I found there was enough ease in the length of the lining that I could take the 3cm needed from the seam allowance and a bit next to it in the area under the vent/placket. I pressed the edges in and stitch it over the chewed part so it doesn't get worse.
I am quite chuffed that I managed to match the stripes! This took me ages, but somehow these sorts of saves gives me great satisfaction. no one will see it, but 'I' know it is good.
(sorry for the photo quality. I forgot to do it while I had it here and had to sneak into his room while he and dad are watching Bond.)

Cross fingers and good wishes and prayers for a good result on the job front. He needs to have an interview from this man's boss next.

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