Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Catching up

We went off to York, so I shut down my computer. Then when I tried to start it up when I got back, it wouldn't even try to start! So, The Thoughtful Man did a few tricks and eventually got it going.

While I couldn't get online, I thought I would get on with a few refashion projects on my pile.

These jeans were a bit wide legged, so I decided to make them a bit narrower. Although skinny jeans are 'in', my calves are not skinny - an inheritance of those farm girl days. So, I have just made these straight legged.
I guess I could have gone smaller, but I didn't want to go too far. Some people pin the legs while inside out, but I measured my calves and the hem of a comfortable pair of jeans I already own, and used that for a guide.

Earlier in the year I started to refashion a pink t-shirt I had. Because it was high necked, I had chopped it a bit around the neck at one point already, but I don't wear it much. So I decided to make a cami type t-shirt from it.

I used an existing cami t-shirt to guide the shaping.

After cutting, I made sure the armscyes were lined up.
Then cut around them both at once with the rotary cutter.

I wanted it a bit higher. So, I used the hem I had cut to make a feature on the neckline.

I used strips cut from the scraps to stitch and turn to make the straps.

I like the cotton cami under other t-shirts or open blouses in the summer. They are nicer than the ones with lycra in them. I will probably go ahead now and refashion a few other t-shirts I don't wear.

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