Sunday, 10 February 2013

'And the Bead Goes On...' 3 - 10 Feb

2013 - Week 6 Daily Beads

Last week I started with blue, red and white beads on the little squares. This week I am doing different combinations of colours suggested by the squares on the fabric. 2 badges per colour combination.
The edges have a different bead with the white.

Kathy asked what size the playing cards are.
Actually they are a quite weird size. approximately 1 5/8 x 2 1/8 inches. Not quite anything precise in centimetres either!








I have done one for Sunday already as we are travelling up to York. I will catch up Mondays on Tuesday I guess.

no. 41

I worked out an easier way to produce the fabric wrapped card. Instead of stitching everything, I used tacky glue - but to make that work even quicker, I pressed each glued bit with the hot iron. I used a layer of baking parchment between it and the iron because sometimes the glue oozed out. I did all of the cards for the month. This made it quicker for the daily task.

At the start of the week I wasn't sure if I would put the final piece of felt on the back with glue and then stitch, or to just stitch it on. But because I had made up all the little fabric wrapped pieces in advance, hand stitching didn't add to much time to the process. However, the hardened glue sometimes interferred with being able to stitch the felt to the fabric on the back.

I think I am ready to do buttons on these next week! Due for a change.

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irenemacwilliam said...

These are so lovely looking Sandy.