Saturday, 23 February 2013

Something on Saturday - LOTS!

Okay. Nearly past bedtime, but today was the day Jeanne Crockett came to the TVOffcuts/TVCT combined meeting. It was a great time. To start with the two of us hit it off very well. We work in similar intuitive ways...and she even admitted to being of the chop-chop sew-sew methodology of sewing! We are going to have to work out a way to meet up when we can have a longer chat!

Jeannie, as she likes to be called, had a presentation that was very well put together. She kept all of us interested even though the hall was rather cold. (I think my husband has come up with a solution for that now.) She told us the stories behind so many of the dresses. Some were done quickly, some took a lot of thought.

Jeannie also told us how she was thinking of taking some of the dress ideas and translating them to a full size dress. So, some wouldn't translate well to a dress for certain figure types, but there would be ways to take the ideas and turn them into an interesting sweater or scarf.

Afterwards people had a chance to look through the selection of about 80 she had brought. 366 dresses take up a lot of room! And of course, some made out of food were temporary.

And after we warmed up with a cup of tea and a selection of some of the cakes on offer, we had a chance to rummage through the bits and pieces Jeannie and I had brought.

and then set to making our own!

Fun things happening!
intense concentration

Here is a photo of the little dresses we made. Some were able to make 2.

Here is mine on it's own.

and to show the difference directions people could take, here is one made by one of the other ladies (She left it unintentionally, so I hope to get it to her in the week.)

Jeannie lives in Paris just now, but will be back in Baltimore in the summer. If you are looking for someone to come do a talk to your group, I would highly recommend Jeanne! Her blog 365 dresses is a great one to send your friends to and you can contact her from there.

I am linking to Off the Wall Fridays at Nina-Marie's.


Gabrielle Stanley said...

Thanks for arranging this workshop, I enjoyed it immensely.

Elaine said...

Thank you really enjoyed it even with the lousy chest infection I have.

365 Dresses said...

Thanks for the hospitality and the opportunity, Sandy. The dresses that everyone made were so inspirational---I love how everyone gives a similar dress their own unique spin. Everyone was so welcoming: At the presentation as well as in all of Bracknell! We had a great time. Please thank Jim for his wonderful A/V expertise. Every thing worked perfectly!