Thursday, 12 January 2012

Summer PJs

Still using up the stash. Somehow I aquired what seems like a large amount of striped lightweight cotton. Almost a seersucker. As I have a few ideas percolating about things with stripes, this was not a bad thing. However, the stripes/plaids box was becoming out of control. and did I really need over 10 metres?

anyway, it seemed like it would make summer weight pyjamas for my husband. When I unrolled it, I found it was pretty narrow, so I have used up 5 metres for the pjs. I haven't measured what was left yet.

I used his favourite pair and traced them off to make a pattern last Friday.

Yesterday I made the trousers and today I did the top. Not too bad a result! I hope he likes them.

I say summer pyjamas, but I am hoping he likes them well enough to wear in winter. He likes the flannel, but really he overheats. He still wears short sleeve shirts in the winter! Not me, I have layers and layers! If he likes these well enough, I have a good pattern now to make more. The favourite ones are starting to fray on cuffs and things.


hensteeth said...

Hello Sandy,
I admire your skill in making the pj's, I really do. My friend from Pennsylvania sent me to your blog, as I have fibro too.
All the best to you. viv

Sandy said...

Thanks, I am a bit surprised they were so easy!

I hadn't really mentioned the fibro before...maybe like if I didn't I could ignore it easier? LOL but I am glad I did if it encourages someone else. I am so glad I have sewing to get lost in rather than sit and moan.

I must say I seldom get going before 10am. but I do go past 10 pm most days.