Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Origami bags ...or not as the case may be.

So, since the one friend who is likely to get one of these and that I know reads the blog, is bound to see the ones other people get anyway...I may as well post them.
at any rate, I need to have them somewhere to link to for putting them up for the review.

They look nothing like the original plan. The original tutorial no longer exists. This link will take you to one that is similar. There was also something like it on one of the Quilting Arts DVDs. I did try the bits of the sewing which would make it more bag like, but it seemed too bulky and pouchy. and what would you do with a little cute pouch? put things in it and then fish around trying to get into it and find the stuff down in the corners? (oops, too many opinions clearly.) I also didn't sew the 2 squares together and turn through...which I tried. That made it even more bulky on the edges. I just overlocked the edges as you can see.

and opening it, you see the flaps you turn through to the inside are meant to work like pockets.
I hope they do.

What I think these bags will be good for is to put something like a sketchbook, a book or something like that in them. The little ones could hold those little tissue packs, with a blister pack of paracetamol and lip balm or something stuck in the 'pockets'
So, I am calling them bookbags.

Or maybe you have a better idea?

lessons learned? (besides 24 ways to resew a buttonhole?) yes it used up stash, yes I have 24 presents, but ...yes, I have used up my tolerance for sewing things which aren't garments or textile art. At least for now.


prttynpnk said...

Doesn't the joy of stash busting give you a little room for new fabric? I love your bags!

Sandy said...

Sort of. I still have a long way to go to get room for more fabric. However, I have been able to consolodate fabric that was beginning to live elsewhere!