Tuesday, 10 January 2012

back to the real world

Yesterday was back to teaching after nearly a month off. So, it wasn't so bad, but it sure takes alot out of me. (I have fibromyalgia). Today it was the legs. Sometimes it is the upper back and neck which can set off a migraine. It is a bit scary sometimes because if I am standing alot - like when I was cutting all the bags last week, the sides of my thighs go numb and then the rest of the legs start going and I have to sit down to get the feeling back. But anyway...

Today was meant to be my take it easy day. So, lets do the buttonholes for the bags. Well, I spoke too soon about the buttonholes. E-V-E-R-Y single one of the buttonholes on the 24 bags I made were resewn in some way or another. sometimes the thread broke, sometimes the stitches skipped, and whatever else you could imagine. I put in a few different needles, used a variety of threads, changed tension and all sorts. It took me all day.
this is what it was doing...sometimes not so bad, and I hand sewed over the gaps.

but when this happened, it was really weird, I could start the sequence all over again on top of it and the right side would stitch out just right!

So, I finally took these photos and since it was near closing time, I will wait and phone SewMaster tomorrow and then email the photos to them to see what they think.

on a brighter note: DH has a new allotment. It was really overgrown, so he has spent several weeks in spare moments working on it. He has it nearly all dug over now, so I was invited to go see it on Sunday afternoon.

okay, it is a bit of earth, but it was quite up to knee height when he got it. His bit stops at the fruitcage.
then we went off for a walk with the dog, which is also one reason my legs hurt so much today.

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