Saturday, 7 January 2012

Buttons - tick

Buttons have been done on the blouse. I forgot how nicely my machine does buttonholes. So, I will be less likely to delay doing them now!
front view

The front neck gapes a bit too much. I didn't pick it up on the dress I made with the big buttons because I thought the buttons were too heavy and pulling it forward.
Basically it is because it is too wide in the upper chest area. I did work that out when checking the dress fit again before the New Year. But it was a princess line cut and easy to adapt the pattern. For this one, I have taken the shoulder dart in more on my block. for the yoke, that means folding out the excess, and the dart is rotated to the yoke seam. I didn't have enough fabric left to recut the yoke. However, the blouse will still be allright to wear in the summer.

a back view

I love the fabric! It feels very drapey and cool. I didn't sew the waist darts like I normally do, it has made for a very comfortable fit. I am going to try the reworked yoke version in different fabric. I am going to try a bit more of a v at the front opening in order to do a continuous neck and buttonstand application with the overlocker. I just need some quick blouses at this point. Some time in the future I can do some with all the time consuming proper techniques.

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Valeri said...

I remember when I was at college and there was no such thing as an automatic buttonhole. We had to use plain zig zag and hope we started and stopped in the right places! :-)