Sunday, 29 January 2012


Just a quick whiz round on the overlocker for these. New serviettes for the table. I realised the ones I have had nearly 25 years are more than a bit frayed on the edges! So, as well as doing Christmas ones, I may as well do some sets for the rest of the year when I find fabrics I like. This fabric looks a bit more elegant and will go with the dining room and tablecloths I have.
Folded fancy to make a pocket
I made these double sided. I will have to look out for a bigger piece so I can make a couple sets for when we have guests. I like cloth serviettes because you can use them more than once (if you leave them at your place on the table) and you can just bung them in the washing machine. So, no landfill and no cost to speak of.

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