Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Book

My Mother-in-Law gave me some money for Christmas. Just enough to get this new book I had heard about. It is done by the same people who did The Tudor Tailor.

First glances show it is going to be very exciting! It has all the research and visual images. and then it has the layouts and making up! The period is Early Tudor. One I quite like. Maybe I can make up something one of these days! or at least make up something modern inspired by and using ideas from what I get in the book.

Yesterday I got the bags to the nearly finished stage...just need to put on the fastenings. I also adapted my bodice block to make a yoked top. I have a few RTW (ready to wear) tops I like, and this one is based on the idea of one of them....with the advantage of fitting everywhere and not just making do. I have some airforce blue crepe fabric I have cut it from. So it is next on the sewing list.

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