Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sewing again

Not sure if I mentioned, but I thought I would do a few more of the sew along contests on Pattern Review this year. The current one is about reducing your stash.

I have a lot of fabrics that have been given to me over the years, some I picked up from leavings of members of our Offcuts group. I have decided to use as much of that up as I can, so I can have a bit more room. There are other shelves which are a bit too full. This way I can even have space to rearrange things. But also, I can feel a bit more free to get some fabric to make things I have chosen from start to finish.

So, at the moment, I am busy trimming fat quarters, pairing them up, and beginning to make some little bags I can use for gifts over the year. They will go in the present drawer. I have a couple friends who need to go in hospital soon, for once I will have a nice gift for them! I better not show you too many close ups, in case some of the readers here end up to be recipients at some point!

However, I also made another cushion cover to go in the lounge.

I have had the cushion for ages, since I made the other cushion cover samples for the course that never happened. I had reserved this one for talking about ways to make openings for the cushion to go in. As I was checking out fabric for the bags, I realised the toile de jouy fabric would go with the black and green which I had used on a few other cushions.

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