Saturday, 28 January 2012

slaving away at the machine

I have actually been doing things this week...sorry I didn't post.

I also struggled with coming to the realisation my machine needs yet more doing to it! Yikes. I am so glad they are doing this on the warranty. This time it is taking its time deciding if and when to do reverse... and if doing reverse whether it can ever be bothered to go back to doing straight. So, it is back at the doctors. So glad for the back up machine that used to belong to my friend!

But I have sewn a trial pair of trousers which just needs a waistband. no photos yet.

I passed on about 30lbs of scraps for a school that is making a dragon! I save scrips and scraps for playgroups and the like, but I produce more than they use! So, I had been saving a while. When one of my students mentioned the school could use them, and that she would actually collect them! I dug around in various boxes to get small bits to add to what I had.

and I cut and completed another shrug and circle skirt which will be for my sis in Alaska. I worked out how to cut the circles top and tailing the layout, so I was able to get a longer length. Only just enough!

I also decided to pipe the shrug...not such a good idea, as it doesn't hang so naturally, but with the frog closure, it will be fine. The skirt and shrug definitely look better on a human, but you can get an idea.

Here is another tale...I piped the cuff...and then found you couldn't get your hand in . Oh yeah, that's why its made out of stretch. The piping stops the stretch.
Piping with purple velvet (that somehow is reading as blue)
So, I cut off the whole cuff and added one made from the purple velvet. Because I was so efficient with getting rid of scraps I had no more of the black velvet went into the bag for the school!

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